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Jets at Franchise Crossroads with Zach Wilson

Jets at Franchise Crossroads with Zach Wilson

How does Jets GM Joe Douglas win this gamble?

The outcome of this decision could affect the franchise’s direction in the future. There are two options moving forward, two outcomes of this decision. (more on Locked on NFL Draft)

Zach Wilson could be forced to look in the mirror for a few weeks and turn himself around. If that occurs, he could return to the starter role, and the franchise can recover and build around him.

The other possible outcome is not so pleasant for the Jets, their fans or Joe Douglas. The team could be forced to ride their defense and their sub-par veteran backup QBs into a middling season outcome.

This would leave them in QB purgatory...

…Not good enough at QB to win and not bad enough as a team to easily find their next Franchise QB.

How do they deal with that? Listen to this pod to hear my answer. Then they have to move on from Wilson aggressively in order not to waste the build the front office has accomplished to this point.


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